Chronic Pain and Osteitis Pubis

Matt has spent the last 10 years focusing on chronic hip and back pain, in particular Osteitis Pubis and SPD. In 2015, he co-founded The OP Clinic with Jason D’Abreo, one of Australia’s first online-only clinics.

These days Matt practices in Port Melbourne one or two mornings a week, while Jason continues to work with patients around the world, online. 

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It’s not about fitness, or huff and puff.  It’s definitely not about a rub, a crack, or a new scan. Overcoming a long term issue requires a shift in gear –  from managing dysfunction, to building resilience. 

Real progress comes from feeling in control of the situation, so that you don’t have to attend weekly appointments.

With the right information, you can take control of your own rehab.   Learn the tools not just to fix this issue, but to keep your body healthy into old age.

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“Hey mate.  I just want to say another massive thanks for all the work you put into me…Never been happier at the moment.  Havent’ missed a game this year and even played my 100th game on the weekend with big Lloydy.” – Alex Moore

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If we had to pick the condition we specialise in, it’s Osteitis Pubis. Matt delivers a rehab program for OP and SPD in Melbourne.

If you’re overseas or interstate, you need Jason @ The OP Clinic.

Either way, you’re going to find the same solution, because fixing OP isn’t about treatment. It’s about fixing the imbalances through movement.

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July Update

We're taking a short break to focus on other projects during CV-19.

Feel free to register your interest in a session when we're back up and running with

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