Back Pain

Back pain is something most people will experience in their lives. Whether completely incapacitating, or just generally irritating, it is important to understand your back and how to address any underlying issues.

If you were in pain  10/15 years ago, most interventions were focused on the spine itself.  Often disc issues were blamed and there was a sense that ‘once you’ve hurt your back you’re always going to need to manage it’.

These days we know so much more about the different causes of back trouble.  We know that the pelvis is a vitally important complex in determining whether or not you end up in pain.  We know that herniated discs are not a great predictor of long term back pain.  We know that any ‘core‘ training can’t simply focus on tensing your abs in isolation.

These 3 foundational areas will give you a good indication of why you are still in pain.