Squat Patterns

Before you can progress to running or jumping, you need to understand the foundations of a good squat.   A good squat will teach you how to protect your knee.

When you bend or lift, your knee is designed to stay still.   The knee is of course designed to bend, but you don’t want it to shift forwards, backwards, inwards or outwards.  If your knee can stay still, your glutes and pelvis can rotate freely.   You jump higher and your knee lasts longer.

This video has all the tips you need to understand a good squat foundation.  You may be surprised how difficult it is the keep your knee in the same spot as you move.

The relationship is the same whether you are about to jump, squat, deadlift – it doesn’t matter.  Angles change according to where the load is, but the principles are the same.  Grounded foot, stable knee, powerful hip.