Our Approach.

  1. Treat every inch of your neck and shoulders, identifying the areas causing you pain.
  2. Educate you on how to address your posture, so that you stop having to fork out money for treatment.

Poor posture is the foundation of almost all neck pain. Poor posture is a learnt behavior reinforced every day in the Western World. Constant sitting, using computers, sitting in the car – these stresses didn’t exist 100 years ago.   Being in one position for hours at a time teaches our bodies to become lazy; to slouch forward and roll our shoulders in. No amount of relaxing massage will fix this.

The activities that once kept us strong and upright; running, climbing, jumping and carrying heavy loads are disappearing. When pain and tightness set in, the idea of doing any activity can sometimes seem daunting. By the time we are in our late 20’s, we may not have done ‘natural’ movements for a decade.

Poor Shoulder Posture

Poor neck posture is something that many of us are insecure about. Given that we’ve never really taught how to fix it, it can seem like too big of a task, destined for failure.  Trying to sit up straight doesn’t really work.

The key to fixing your neck posture is not to throw away your computer, or live in the bush and live off the land.   The key is to understand what you are working towards


With this in mind, we look for effective exercises to build us in to this position. We look for simple movement that train our head to sit in a better position.

Postural Assessment

Learning to effectively undo the damage that computers and mobile phones do to our necks is the only way to stop being reliant on physical therapy.  With the right exercises, 10 minutes at night is more than enough to keep the pain away.