Osteitis Pubis

We specialise in Osteitis Pubis (OP) and chronic groin pain.

OP is one of the least understood and most confusing of all chronic pain conditions.    Specialists generally tell you to rest, stretching definitely doesn’t help, and no matter how much time you have off the field, when you get back out and start moving again, your symptoms tend to come straight back.

What is OP

In technical terms, Osteitis Pubis (OP) describes a pattern of tissue damage, dysfunction and chronic inflammation of the adductors (groin muscles), pubic bone and pubic symphysis.   Your adductors are designed to keep your pelvis stable, and protect your pubic symphysis.   Osteitis Pubis occurs when the adductor muscles become weak and dysfunctional, allowing repetitive overload of the pubic symphysis.

OP patients experience groin pain that gradually develops over time. Symptoms escalate, with pain migrating to the pubic bone, hip flexors and lower back.  running, kicking, changes in direction and explosive movements usually aggravate the pain.  When OP is allowed to progress, even simple movements like sitting up in bed may become painful.

Osteitis Pubis Adductor Tib Post

In essence, Osteitis Pubis occurs when the adductor/groin muscles become dysfunctional. On a long enough timeline, dysfunctional adductors will overload the Pubis Symphysis (the joint that connects each side of your pelvis).

Strength Based Rehab

We offer a strength based rehabilitation program specifically for OP, both at our clinic in Melbourne and online via Skype.  We are proud to say we’ve helped clients from all over Australia – all over the world- that have kicked their OP for good.

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