4. Adductors

Over Worked, Weak Adductors
Let’s start with a big statement; The underlying cause of all Osteitis Pubis cases is overused, over worked adductors. Whilst each individual case will have different associated issues, in the end, every OP patient’s adductors are extremely fatigued and dysfunctional due to being overused.

This should make sense; why else have your adductors become so stiff, dysfunctional and riddled with trigger points? However the better question is… Why your adductors? Why do you have OP, when no one else on your team; who probably train in the exact same conditions, does? To answer this question we need to start at the beginning, with the anatomy of the adductors.

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Anatomy of the Adductors: a quick review

Osteitis Pubis Adductor Anatomy

Your adductors do not work in isolation.  Your adductors are connected to your tibialis posterior (the muscle that controls the arch of your foot) and actually continues up into your pelvic floor, core and further. We can this your Deep Front Line. We cover this in depth in part 6.


Every person that suffers from OP will have at least 1 (if not multiple or all) of the following postural issues;

Hip drop whilst running
Over pronation/supination
Anterior pelvic tilt
Knocked knees/bowed legs
Dysfunctional foot muscles; the true cause of pronation (and why orthotics don’t work)

These are all biomechanical dysfunctions; a failure of the muscular chains responsible for stabilising the pelvis (hip drop), feet (pronation/supination), lower back (anterior pelvic tilt) and knees (knocked/bowed legs). These conditions create excessive wear and tear on the joints of the body; increasing the force and friction that goes through the body.

This is where your broad, strong adductors come in; they compensate for the poor stability in the feet, knees, pelvis or lower back by over stabilising the femur. Unfortunately this wears down the adductors. Your adductors are overused and overworked; constantly compensating for the other weaknesses on your body. Over worked, over used muscles become dysfunctional. They develop trigger points, refer pain and start to break down. They start to hurt and complain all the time.

Over worked adductors essentially feel like….. Osteitis Pubis!

Why does OP treatment ‘wear off’?

So you get your groins massaged and it feels great…. For a little while. Then after a bit of training that pain creeps back in; and your back to square one. When you massage overworked muscles they relax. Your reduce inflammation and the muscle can start working again. Then the second you go back to training you overwork them again, and the cycle continues. The same process applies to rest; you give your adductors a chance to heal but once you return to activity the pain comes back… often worse than before!

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