In 2014, we added cameras to our gym. Since then we have pioneered a rehab experience where you learn to move pain-free whilst watching yourself in real time.

Imagine how much easier learning an exercise would be if you had lines on a screen to interact with; lines that show you where to keep your knees or how far back your shoulder needs to move.
Postural Assessment

If you are having trouble using your core or can’t work out why your lower back is irritated, then we can break down the movement step by step.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can overcome an issue when you can see it in front of you – in slow motion.


Record your session

If you aren’t sure you are completing an exercise correctly at home, you’ll have our instructional videos as well as the feedback from your session.

Running Analysis

It is almost impossible to help a runner unless you can see them run.   All Mindful Myo clients have access to video analysis, for training inside & outside of the clinic.

Our clients know to send us videos of whatever they are having trouble with.   We love this because it gives us insight into how you actually move.

Olympic Lifting

If you are chasing some big numbers, you need a therapist that understands just how complicated a good snatch is. Balance, patterning and mobility all play a big role.  If you need better hip extension, if your shoulder doesn’t love external rotation or your back feels like it is doing all the work, we’ll step up to the challenge.

Crossfit Westgate Snatch Olympic Lift

This is Damien Hennigan, owner at CrossFit Westgate. We’ve worked closely with Damien over the years, helping aspiring CrossFit athletes pursue their goals.


Posture & Mobility Training

The pursuit of mobility can lead to some fairly strange positions.  Trying to keep your body nimble and healthy in spite of desk jobs and asymmetrical sports can be a daunting task.

Our mobility programs are focused on efficiency.  Rather than give you a hand-out of stretches, we’ll teach you actual exercises to keep you feeling free.

Every single exercise in our gym is focused on helping you kick a ball with your great great grandchildren.

This is the ultimate motivator for us. Lessons that stick with you throughout your life & help you navigate your physical health in the years to come.