Remedial Massage with a Myotherapist offers you so much more than just a deep tissue treatment. Our expertise in anatomy and physiology allows us to provide a more effective treatment with dramatic results.

Putting aside the regular ‘we give the best treatment’ spiel, know that our absolute passion is resolving chronic pain issues.   Going the extra mile. Putting in the hard work on the treatment table, then backing it up with expertise in the gym to get you the result you want.

Good treatment is not about forcing the body to change. Good treatment focuses on working with the body. Firm when you need it, delicate when required. Any massage based therapy needs to adapt to reflect the feedback from your body.

Your first session with us is a focused, sustained effort to learn and understand your body. We don’t just provide the same treatment over and over again.   We take into account your history, your posture, your pain & it’s causes.

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