A collection of articles & videos published to help you on your journey to recovery.

Introducing The OP Clinic - Monday 25th September 2017

As you may already know, in-person consultations for Mindful Myo make up about 50% of our professional time.  The rest of our work is online, offering a Rehab Protocol for

To Scan, or Not To Scan - Tuesday 16th August 2016

How getting a scan impacts our approach to getting better.

Our page on disc pathologies looks at the evidence that structural issues such as herniated and prolapsed discs may not be the cause of chronic lower back pain. This article will summarise further research ...

The Problem with Stretching - Tuesday 16th August 2016

When things feel ‘tight’, we instinctively want to stretch them.  The problem is that muscles work like rubber bands.    When a rubber band is shortened, it may be tangled and dysfunctional but it doesn’t necessarily have any tension.

Rethinking Pain - Tuesday 16th August 2016

Let’s start with a story.

There once was a cave man’s body that did all the things it was designed to; chasing and catching and procreating just fine, until one day the cave man’s left knee got twisted badly as he sprinted barefoot after the gazelle.  The ...

Adrenal Fatigue - Tuesday 16th August 2016

The following is an adaption of an article written by Functional Medicine Naturopath Jabe Brown.  Working with an inspired naturopath to deal with the nutritional/hormonal aspects of your health can have amazing results...

Rolfing - Thursday 11th August 2016

Rolfing is a treatment philosophy inspired by the late Ida Rolf. While Rolfing may not be common in Australia, know that if you travel to Europe or the USA you will find a great many practitioners still using these techniques in addressing pain and dysfunction in the body.