Introducing The OP Clinic

As you may already know, in-person consultations for Mindful Myo make up about 50% of our professional time.  The rest of our work is online, offering a Rehab Protocol for a very specific hip condition.  The condition is called Osteitis Pubis (OP for short) and it can take someone from being fit and healthy, to more or less immobile.

Osteitis Pubis Rehab and Exercises

We deliver our Rehab Protocol over Skype.  Over the past 18 months we have helped people in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, South America, Romania, Puerto Rico, as well as across Australia.

Our Skype consults go under a different business entity, The OP Clinic.  Jason is predominantly in charge of this area, hence you may have seen less of him in the clinic as of late.

It’s really been amazing to work in a new domain, pioneering a program that works without any hands on treatment.   The stories we’ve heard and people we’ve met have made for a truly exciting field of work.

We’ve had clients from overseas come to visit Mindful Myo when they are in Australia, and Jason is off to Europe for October to say G’day to a few of his clients while on holidays.

Below are a series of video testimonials.  Unless you’ve got OP, you’ll find them a bit dry so they aren’t there to watch necessarily, just to put a face on the people we are helping, and their genuine appreciation for Jason’s work.

Happy Training,

Matthew and Jason