Scapula Rotation

Your shoulder joint is shaped like a ball and cup.   The ‘ball’ is the top of your arm bone.  The ‘cup’ is on the outer edge of your shoulder blade (scapula).   When you lift your arms above your head, the scapula rotates to allow more movement of your arm.

Retracted Scapula Shoulder Good Posture

When our hands are by our sides, our scapulas sit in ‘neutral’.



Until your shoulders move above 90 degrees, the scapula do not need to rotate.


As you pass the 90 degree point, the scapulas need to rotate. If they cannot, you will likely feel a pinching pain.


Full scapula rotation allows full range of movement above your head.

If your scapula is not rotating well, then you will end up with an ‘impingement’ of the shoulder joint.  This essentially means that the arm bone will crash into the scapula.