Dr. Simon Hyde (M.D.), Austin Hospital

“I was referred to Matt by my physiotherapist after 9 months of unresolved Osteitis Pubis and Hamstring pain. After some hands on therapy and supervised weights sessions, I am pain free and back running again.”

Cassandra Goodman, Port Melbourne

“I have been seeing Matt and Jason for treatment for severe headaches caused by an old neck injury.  They are absolute miracle workers and are able to bring enormous relief during periods of strong pain.  They always find a way to fit me in when my headaches strike and their treatment is more effective than the strongest of pain killers. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Tim McDonald,  Port Melbourne

Matt is awesome! I had bad pain in my shoulder from sitting at a computer desk all day, every day at work. Matt treated the injury in the massage table over several sessions, and then got me in the onsite gym. He taught me how to work on the cause of the pain by strengthening muscles that were not doing their job properly. He is always willing to explain the issue to me and answer any questions I may have. I would recommend Mindful Myo and Matt to anyone who has any muscle related pain. Mindful Myo can help where regular Physiotherapy cannot!

Catherine Mahoney, Port Melbourne

I cannot recommend the boys at Mindful Myo highly enough. After the many years of Physio, Chiro, Acupuncture and Osteopathic treatment I have undergone, I am ecstatic at the consistent improvements I have realised. At this stage I will not be going ahead with surgery to my feet. I feel strong and empowered. Thanks Jason.

Hannah Lane,

I went to see Matt at Mindful Myo for some shoulder pain. I was really impressed by his intelligence and his incisive, tailored approach to my particular problem. He is clearly passionate about his field and innovative in his methods. I liked his holistic approach. I also very much appreciated that he gave me exercises to manage and improve things independently of any treatment.

Vitaly Sender,

Jason is incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated to his clients, and always willing to go above and beyond to facilitate his clients’ recovery. I’m very confident putting my injury management in Jason’s hands.

Christopher Balmford,

Nice guys. They listen carefully to your issue. Explain their approach. Take you slowly through fixing things. Great to do some exercise and lifting to fix things rather than merely rest, manipulate, and medication. (Rest manipulate and medication have their roles. But it’s a relief to be actively doing something and almost immediately feel things getting better.)

Also, being able to watch live film of yourself doing something and see what your doing wrong makes it much easier to get it right.

I’ll be back!

Joel Murphy,

As a Firefighter and fitness enthusiast I push my body pretty hard and am consistently in need of treatments for various niggles and small tissue injuries that have been hard to get over. After visiting many various physiotherapists; massage therapists and chiropractor’s my treatments have unfortunately been expensive; superficial and focused solely on the offending injured area rather than the cause and effect across my whole body. When I stumbled onto these lads I did not realize what a stroke of luck I had made.

I went in with a shoulder injury that has plagued me for months. After an initial thorough assessment from Matty that proved holistic, and logical, it was clear that these guys were very knowledgeable and passionate. Their extensive hands on treatment and rehab movements branched out to all areas of my body and how they were or weren’t working together and how to put in place habits and movements that would ultimately help rectify the end resulting shoulder injury. What I loved the most was that their treatment is angled enthusiastically at personalizing your results and goal orientated. Their genuine focus is on how to realistically get you back doing whatever it is your injuries are preventing you from doing, rather than just unrealistically recommending you stop doing it.

Their innovative and well set up kettle bell and rehab equipment room fully installed with camera systems to help you comprehend and fully understand visually how your body works and needs to operate is extremely useful and easy to work with. Ten out of ten for follow up and personalized research into how they can best work out your injuries and construct a game plan. If you have an injury do yourself a favor and see these guys!

Thanks a lot Matty and Jase!!

Jenni –Ihana Yoga Founder,

As a yoga teacher, I feel lucky that I can refer my students to Mindful Myo. The guys at the clinic have an unparalleled understanding of anatomy, and I feel that the work they do is ground breaking. Both my students and myself are very happy with the results we get, as the sessions are not just about treating the symptoms, but learning completely new ways of being and moving. Highly recommended!



Steven Sloots,

Would highly recommend Matt from Mindful Myo. Have begun seeing these guys for a combination of issues around knees/hips/shoulders, and whilst the immediate improvements are massive and fantastic, the ongoing programs and exercises around actually fixing the root of the problems is the real value adder. I’ve been able to see real results from the outset and couldn’t recommend these guys enough!

Laura Sestito,

Cannot recommend these guys enough. For four years I’ve had a pain in my back that Chiropractors and remedial massage therapists have tried to treat. It wasn’t until I saw Jason that behavioral cause of the problem was accurately determined. Jason provided me with the exercises to correct the issue, and after only a couple of sessions genuine improvement could be felt. Moving forward, I now know how to look after myself in order to prevent future pain in that area.

Judith Turnbull, Port Melbourne

“After eight years of chronic back, shoulder and foot pain and a long and fruitless journey through a variety of practitioners, sometimes seeing several in one week, I finally arrived at Mindful Myo.

Having trained as a classical dancer I had good body awareness and knew that none of the practitioners really understood the source of the problems or what I was saying. I knew they were off track and I was frustrated with the same old ideas, a dependency on them for pain relief and no real diagnosis.

Jason’s diagnosis, (finally a clear analysis and understanding that aligned with my own instinctive knowledge of my body and my ballet background) gave me a sense of relief. Here was someone with new ideas and an individual approach to solving the problem with a clear strategy on how I could, under his guidance, save myself so to speak.

I had retained the joint hypermobility and stretched tendons and ligaments of my dance training but lost fitness over the years with the result that I no longer had the strength to hold my body and joints in the correct position. The treatment involved quite strenuous and yet specific weight training to realign the body and give it the ability to maintain correct positioning and mobility under any circumstances.

The exercise and training were so different to any advice I’d previously received that I was doubtful it could really work, but I had nothing to lose except maybe chronic pain.

And this I did lose and now have a fully functioning pain free body and a set of exercises to get me out of difficulty should I need it.

The on-site gym at Mindful Myo was integral to the success of the treatment as Jason could correct my exercise technique as I progressed. I also gained the belief that I could do the exercises and dispelled my initial doubts around my abilities.

If you want be pain free than talk to Jason or Matt at Mindful Myo and kettle weight swing or goblin squat yourself back into vitality.”

Raymond O’Shea,

I visit Jason regularly to combat neck and shoulder pain, which has substancially improved from when I first visited. Love these guys, nice relaxed atmosphere and for the first time ever, I find doing weights fun !! (and benefical). The reasons for my neck and shoulder issues are clearly explained and the exercises to help easy to follow. Highly recommend.

Alida Finnigan,

Matt and Jason are great. They are have a really unique style of treatment and do a great job explaining whats wrong with your body. They really get deep into your knots (as long as you can deal with a little pain :) and then take you into the gym to strengthen your posture. Thanks guys my neck and lower back feel great!

Kathy Fahy, Port Melbourne

“I first noticed the Mindful Myo clinic when I was on a walk to help with my back pain. When I first started seeing Jason my back was in a horrible state. I was getting shooting pains down my leg. I couldn’t sit for longer than 20 minutes and driving was torture. After a few session with Jason 90% of my symptoms were gone. Once I was moving around again we spent a lot of time in the gym, strengthening my back by using weights. He also got me to buy a Kettlebell and workout at home. That Kettlebell is my saviour. Now after a long day of work, or if I feel my back tightening again I just jump into the spare room and practice my exercises and im good as gold. Thankyou Jason for fixing my back ☺.”

Christian Meath,

I highly recommend seeing Matt and Jason. I am an editor suffering from RSI and after receiving a strong recommendation from a co worker to go see the guys at Step Up Physical Therapies I’m glad a did. Jason helped me understand the cause of my injury and showed me exercises that I could do on and off the job. Only a few weeks in I noticed improvements in both my wrist and posture.

The guys are also extremely welcoming and I can not recommend them enough.



William Smedley,

“Wow, Jason D’Abreo is a Wizard. Beyond his years, Jason’s knowledge regarding the interconnected matrix of systems in the body is incredible, but being able to communicate clear and simple ways to achieve massive results is where his genius lies. Whether one just wants to lose weight, heal lifelong deficiencies or go from standard bodybuilding to Olympic lifting, I wouldn’t recommend anyone over Mindful Myo. A friendly and safe environment. AND they take Hi CAPS! Awesome!”

Emma Graham,

“I’ve been seeing Matt for almost 3 years, initially to help with some nagging body issues which he was able to help with immediately. But these guys offer so much more than that, they genuinely care about your body and your wellbeing and are there to help you be the best you can be. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

George Kellog,

Knowledgeable, Personable and Comfortable – Everything you need in a remedial approach to treatment. On a great recommendation I have sought out treatment for my Osteitus Pubis with Mindful Myo. As an avid runner this issue has persisted for some time. After a very comprehensive evaluation I have received a very thoughtful and seemingly tailored approach to treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. Top quality and appreciated.

Benjamin Anderson,

Matt at Step Up has been really great for long term management and rehabilitation of a shoulder injury. He takes the time to make sure that you understand both how and why you need to do each exercise, which is great as it gives you a better understanding of both what to do and also what not to do!

They are also super friendly!

Amy Crosland, Port Melbourne

Jason and Matt are fantastic. They are professional, friendly and clearly passionate about what they do. I always feel I am well informed about my treatment and progress, and highly motivated by the enthusiastic approach. Most importantly, they provide treatment that gets results. As someone who has tried various modes of treatment, I highly recommend Mindful Myo as the place to go.

Bryce Gammon,

At 43 I have been feeling like old age has been setting in over the past 6-8 years. I have had chronic knee and hip pain. I have thrown the kitchen sink at these issues. Seen half a dozen physios, seen specialists, osteos, rolfers, had surgery and had decided that I was just getting old. Then I was introduced to Jason and Matt at Mindful Myo. These guys get how the body works. All my pain is related to some mis-alignment. These guys have taught me how to train my body to work as it was intended and I can honestly say I feel like I am getting younger. Just this Monday, for the first time in 8 years, I went for a jog and had no pain. I then did it Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Still no pain, and I actually feel stronger than I have in years.

Watch this space.

These blokes are going to revolutionise the chronic injury field.

Simon Gordon,

A couple of years ago I suffered a bulged disc in my lower back while exercising. I saw numerous chiropractors, physios, osteos, massage therapists (you name it!) – all of which gave me no lasting relief. I started seeing Jason at Step Up Physical Therapies and, honestly, he’s the only one who’s helped me overcome my lower back issues. Not only that, the type of treatment he (and Matt) offers taught me how to become more aware of my body and what I’m physically capable of, to the point where I feel stronger now than I ever did – even before my injury! The amazing thing about these guys is not only do they use techniques to relieve pain and treat injuries, but they show you (systematically) how to re-train your body so that you no longer get stuck in bad patterns that cause injuries in the first place. If you’ve got a recurring issue from an old injury or you’ve recently hurt yourself, or even if your body’s just a little stuck from sitting in front of the computer or hauling heavy equipment all day, do yourself a favour and book in to see Jason or Matt at Step Up Physical Therapies. You won’t regret it, and your body will be thanking you for a long time coming!

Brian Vangera, Port Melbourne

In just over 5 visits these gents have me almost back to 100% after battling with Osteitis Pubis for 5 months.
They are a wealth of knowledge with a fresh and welcoming approach!

Meran Cassidy, Rolfer

So impressed by professional, highly skilled practitioners.

Louise Picone,

I tried Mindful Myo after being told by another physio (and after spending a huge amount of time and money there!) that surgery was my only option to fix a problem wrist. I was given instant relief after my first session with Matt and within a few weeks, the problem had disappeared. Matt treated the cause rather than the symptom and I have avoided surgery altogether. My headaches were also treated and I am no longer living with daily headaches.
I can’t recommend these guys highly enough- the best thing is, they give you the tools and knowledge to support yourself so you don’t have to continually go back! :)


Nenad Petrovic,

“I am a 30 year old soccer player who was twice helped by Matthew Alexander to return to playing the game I love.

My first visit to Matthew was while he worked in Collingwood in 2011 and I required physiotherapy on my jarred right knee which was injured in a tackle. Matthew was reassuring and thorough in analysing my injury before developing a recovery programme consisting of massage, strengthening the muscles around the knee, encouraging me to slowly and safely push through mental barriers post-injury and create a post-therapy programme which helped me return to playing at State League level before the preseason training began.

In late 2012, an adductor strain late in the season was left untreated long enough for it to also become a hip flexor strain and then something more serious and debilitating. Unfortunately, I went to another practitioner who did not help treat my injury correctly and after a month of frustration, no improvement and an inability to even jog let alone kick a ball, I talked to Matthew. He invited me to his Port Melbourne practice and within one session of him analysing and prescribing innovative kettlebell exercises, I felt less of a strain across my lower abdominals and was encouraged about finally overcoming this injury. Within 10 days of performing the exercises I would say my condition improved by 50-60% and I was jogging a few kilometers.

After a few more (six or seven in total) visits and a disciplined continuation of the kettlebell exercises, I am running 8-10km distances as I used to, playing competitive basketball and soccer almost at the level I did before with constant improvement. I am patient and encouraged that I will be 100% in another few weeks.

What Matthew does is incorporate his vast knowledge of the human body and body mechanics with physical exercises which get results not only to cure the ailment but also strengthen any other imbalances he spots so that injuries do not reoccur in the affected area or elsewhere. He has a relaxed, analytical and caring approach which I related to. I believe in his techniques and feel much improvement as a result of his treatments – so far, everything he has told me to try has worked.

I will recommend Matthew to anyone who has similar injuries to mine and not only limited to sport. The Mindful Myo practice is full of eager, smart, young people who all seem to have happy clients.”

Jo Davis,

“For the last 20 years, I’ve either worked in deskbound roles or physical labour while travelling. Being a tall lady, it never occurred to me that I couldn’t handle or carry load, however, what I wasn’t aware of was I was weakening my ability to age well with minimal physical aches and pains.

In my late teens I experienced a shoulder dislocation and additionally, a fractured clavicle which was not resolved at the time of the incident. Over the years I’ve tried many forms of therapy: massage, pilates, physio, all of which are credible in their own right, they just weren’t the solution for me.

When I was referred to Jason 18 months ago, it was immediately clear to me after the first session that having been paying for remedial massage really was not addressing the hunched shoulders, limited shoulder rotation and the constant burning sensation across my upper back between the blades… but it felt great at the time!

Jason has a talent for expressing his assessment in a way that to me is very visual. This was the first time I could actually see what I needed to be focussing on and gained an insight into my anatomy that I found exciting to discover. In the past I’ve been given exercises in different therapies but never understood exactly what the expected outcome should or would be. I’d lose interest.

Out of absolute respect for Jason as a passionate and skilled practitioner, I never tell him I’ve done an exercise when I haven’t. It’s for this reason that I feel that my investment for Jason’s knowledge, time and encouragement is one of the best investments I’ve made in my adult life.

I feel great! I sit straight; I stand straight and am almost instantly aware when I’m not in my correct posture and noticed I’m auto correcting with ease on a daily basis.

I have and would absolutely recommended Mindful Myo to anyone who likes to be talked to not at when seeking professional physical health services.”

Dayle Purcell,

“I went to Mindful Myo after developing abdominal trigger point pain following surgery – after one session with Matt I was able to cut my pain medication in half, and after two sessions I was no longer being woken up each morning by pain. Matt also helped greatly with a hip problem I’d had for 3 years, I’d seen many physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists in the past but they had only been able to keep the problem ‘manageable’, as opposed to truly addressing the underlying source of the problem. Thanks to Matt my hip pain is a thing of the past. In addition to being a great therapist from a technical perspective, Matt is caring and empathetic, has a great sense of humour and is an all round nice guy. I can’t recommend this place highly enough.”

Sam De Mel, Port Melbourne

“The road to recovery can be slow and tedious, however during my sessions at Mindful Myo I always knew I was making progress. My mobility returned and after each session I came away feeling stronger and more flexible. Really happy with the service. The guys are friendly, helpful and very professional.”

Ben Winch,

“I am in my late thirties now and have had back pain and repeated injuries since my early twenties. This had become more and more frequent until about 4 months ago when i began putting my back out about every three or four weeks while doing weight training.

I used to be a Personal Trainer and have maintained a constant interest in fitness and weight training. So i thought i knew what good technique was, but this did not help me. Until I met Jason and put my trust in his methods. My back pain is improved and i have not injured it for some time.

All my lifts have gone up dramatically, and i feel like i am getting to know how to move better now. Thank you Jason!”

Gabrielle Palmieri,

“I’ve had a great experience with Mindful Myo and recommend them to everyone I come across with a physical complaint! The guys at Mindful Myo really know their stuff and focus on a lasting fix, rather than just ongoing treatment. They have always put in the time and effort to address my ongoing issues as well as whatever extra ones I come up with on any given day. In particular, anyone who’s been seeing someone or a few someones with no real improvement should definitely give these guys a go.”